2023 Just Imagine Residency Program


Meet Lauren.

Living just outside NYC, Lauren reflects on the world around her, bringing themes of home and nature to life through painting and collage techniques rooted in abstraction and color.

Her paintings often juxtapose everyday scenes with another world beyond, depicted with abstract distortions to intensify our perception. She has a creative approach to making: using both sides of the canvas, building and rubbing away layers of paint, then interrupting the flow with discarded textile scraps cut away from past paintings

The relationship between the home and the wilderness for me is a reliable engine for my story telling. I look outside and I want to bring that outside in. I’m also looking down at the counters and see the scraps from dinner or lunch and these are all things that generate ideas for me.

During her residency, Lauren used Acrylic Gouache, Acrylic Ink, Spray Paint and a range of Professional Mediums.

Watch her in action here.

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