HolikaHolika Gudetama Sheetmask Review

Hi everyone, You guys know I love skincare so today I’m reviewing the Gudetama sheet mask by HolikaHolika. I bought this for £1.99 at Tkmaxx and didn’t realise that it would actually have Gudetama on the mask itself! I’ve loved Holika Holika’s products for years as they’re always so cute and fun! I used the… Continue reading HolikaHolika Gudetama Sheetmask Review

Blogmas Day 10 – GlamGlow Mishap

Hi everyone! As you probably know by now if you keep up with my Instagram, I’m a huge fan of GlamGlow! I love using facemasks and GlamGlow’s are some of my favourites as they’re so fun! So when they sent me 2 items as a surprise Christmas gift I couldn’t wait to use them! They… Continue reading Blogmas Day 10 – GlamGlow Mishap

Anatomicals PR Package Review

Hi Everyone! Welcome to my first blog about Skincare. I'm a bit of a Skincare freak, but I must admit that I've never actually done the whole "Cleanse, Tone, Moisturise" thing, and grossly I've even been known to sleep with my makeup on. However, I'd consider my skin to be relatively good, if not perfect… Continue reading Anatomicals PR Package Review