Fenty Lipstick and Mini Set Review

Hi everyone, Today I’m reviewing the Bomb Baby mini set by Rihanna’s brand Fenty, as well as a Fenty Mattemouiselle Lipstick in the shade Spanked. The set includes a highlighter... This feels really cushioned and is very pigmented, also once blended in it creates a lovely shimmer! The lipgloss is very cutely packaged and is… Continue reading Fenty Lipstick and Mini Set Review

Charcoal Peel-Off Mask Review

Hi everyone! Today I’m trying out a black peel-off charcoal mask. This one is by T-Zone, and I’m sure you’ve probably seen videos of people peeling these off, and I decided “hey, they look like they’re having fun screaming and crying in pain, I want to try that”... The rules on the box even say… Continue reading Charcoal Peel-Off Mask Review

Visiting ChaoBaby Thai Buffet

Hi everyone, If you don’t already know, I’m a huge fan of Asian foods! Curries, noodles, etc I cant get enough! I think that it’s because of the wide ranges of flavours and sauces rather than the bland English food that I’m used to. I also love all you can eat restaurants so I decided… Continue reading Visiting ChaoBaby Thai Buffet

HolikaHolika Gudetama Sheetmask Review

Hi everyone, You guys know I love skincare so today I’m reviewing the Gudetama sheet mask by HolikaHolika. I bought this for £1.99 at Tkmaxx and didn’t realise that it would actually have Gudetama on the mask itself! I’ve loved Holika Holika’s products for years as they’re always so cute and fun! I used the… Continue reading HolikaHolika Gudetama Sheetmask Review

Tarte Wide Awake Eye Set Review

Hi everyone, Today I’m reviewing the Tarte wide awake set which I bought from Sephora. I’ve never tried anything by Tarte before but I’d heard great things so had high hopes, however this set was pretty disappointing... It comes with a mascara, under eye patches and an eye cream. The eye cream is supposed to… Continue reading Tarte Wide Awake Eye Set Review