Trying MILK Cosmetics

Hi everyone,

Today I’m going to try MILK for the first time. Not the dairy product that comes from cow’s nipples, MILK the makeup brand…

I found a few of their products in TKMaxx and as I’ve heard good things and they’re hard to come-by, I decided to buy a few.

I bought a Lip Marker in the shade Turnt for £3.99

A Blush Oil in the shade Ripe for £4.99

A Shadow Liner in the shade Working Girl for £4.99

And a Concealer in the shade Medium for £4.99 usual price

Starting with the Lip Marker, I loved the concept of it being almost like a highlighter pen, but did not love the application or the product itself. I felt that it was very vibrant (which some people might prefer) but due to the shape of the nib it was hard to apply it in a curve shape around my lips as it came out as a straight line, ad we all know nobody lips are straight lines…

Also, when it came to removing the product it had stained my lips bright orange, making it look like my lips had been bleeding.

The Blush Oil is something I’ve never seen before, a liquid blush, I’m so used to powder but the idea and product itself work quite well.

You have to pump the button at the end of the stick to get the oil to rise to the applicator ball then apply in circular motions.

Once blended out it’s a good blush, its quite vibrant but I feel that is just because I used quite a large amount of product. It blends well and if used correctly could look very natural compared to a powder blush. I think I’d definitely use this again.

The Shadow Liner is an idea that I’ve seen before, a nib that can be turned sideways to create a thin line or used straight to give a thicker look.

It blended well and did create a nice shadow effect. It wasn’t too in-your-face and had no fallout as it isn’t a powder.

As for it being used as a liner, I found it difficult to apply a straight line or a pointed wing. Due to it being solid its was difficult to manoeuvre around the curve of my eye, similar to the Lip Marker. I think I’ll stick to using it as a shadow rather than a liner.

Finally, the concealer. I was worried that the medium shade would be too dark for my skin tone but it actually matched pretty well.

It has very good coverage while also being easily bendable, which I haven’t found in most concealers.

I used it to cover a few spots that I have on my chin and It did a good job of hiding them.

I think blended properly and with foundation its a really good product! This is my favourite of the lot.

Overall I think that the products were very hit-and-miss. Some were great and some not so much… I’d definitely try them again in the future if I find any more of their products.

Thanks for reading and let me know if you’ve ever tried any of their products before! What were your thoughts?

Best wishes ~ Becca x

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