We Broke Up

Hi everyone,

This is an update blog post to let you guys know why my posts have been a bit sparse this past month, and as you can tell by the title myself and my boyfriend broke up after 4 years of being together.

It was a tough decision to make, but the right one for both of our sakes. We’ve been dragging this out for a long time so for a while my head just hasn’t been in the things I’ve been creating.

I just haven’t been in the right mindset to write blog posts or create Instagram content or even film YouTube videos etc. I’ve barely even slept or ate if I’m being completely honest.

But this won’t last forever, I just need some time to put myself first and to focus on my happiness. Content will be back to being regularly scheduled and light hearted in no time I’m sure.

I hope you all understand and thank you for respecting my privacy. I apologise about the lack of content but what can you do, hey?

See you guys some time soon when I get my mojo back.

Best wishes ~ Becca x

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