Lush Bath Art PR Unboxing

Hi everyone,

Today I’m showing you my lush blogger mail / PR gifts.

You can also watch my video unboxing and demonstrating each product here –

I was gifted a box full of goodies by Lush’s lovely PR team, and inside we’re some of the most amazing products I’ve seen by lush so far!

The “I’m forever blowing bubbles” wand is my new favourite thing, I need 100 of them!

You just dunk it into water, no need for bubble mixture / liquid in a pot, and a liquid film is created. Then you blow through the hole and actual bubbles are made! It’s truly magical and I don’t think I’ll ever not be excited about it.

Next I have 3 Bubble Brushes in the scents Candy, Mint and Lemon. These are in the shape of paint brushes as if you were painting your bath, and they create beautiful colours in the water.

You can even use them to paint on already existing bubbles to make them colourful!

Second to last I have the Honey Drips oil, which – if I’m being honest – I don’t really like. I’m not a a big fan of lush bath oils as I feel that their shape and designs aren’t very practical and are difficult to hold.

I’ll stick to liquid oils I think!

Finally we have the Pink Pettigrain which is a bubble spinner, very similar to a fidget spinner.

You hold this under the water and spin it, causing bright colours and bubbles to be made. But the smell puts me off due to it being very earthy. I’m much more of a candy sweet smell kinda gal.

Thank You so much to Lush and their PR team for gifting me these items and thanks to you guys for reading!

Best wishes ~ Becca x

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