Sleek Makeup PR Review

Hi everyone,

Today I’m showing you my Sleek makeup PR gifts!

I’ve only ever tried 1 sleek product many years ago and I wasn’t a fan, so hoped that these could change my mind, however I still wasn’t really swayed. Here’s why…

They sent me a choice of 3 foundations but VF01 was closer to my shade. The consistency wasn’t great and I felt that it didn’t have much coverage at all. It was really barely visible..

The blush was very pink. Too pink in fact, and didn’t blend very well AT ALL!

The highlight & contour palette looked really nice, but the colours didn’t apply very well and was so hard it left a visible line on my cheek, it really didn’t blend at all.

They also sent me 3 shades of their liquid lipsticks, which actually were the best products, but still weren’t as good as my usual favourites. After an hour it started to rub off from the inside of my lips, but other than that the formulas, pigments and products themselves for each colour were great.

The liquid eyeliner was also pretty great, however the applicator brush was quite hard, making it difficult to apply. But once it was on it stayed on and was a dark black colour which looked nice.

Overall I don’t think I’ll be buying from sleek anytime soon, it’s not really a brand that works for me, but if it works for you please let me know your thoughts!

Thanks for reading and thank you to Sleek for letting me try out their products.

Best wishes ~ Becca x

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