Visiting Evoo – Barnsley

Hi everyone,

Today I’m reviewing a fairly-new pizza restaurant that’s opened up on my local town Barnsley.

It calls itself a Barzzeria as it sells pizza and also has a bar, called Evoo. (Evoo = Extra Virgin Olive Oil)

The layout and design of the place is very nice, I love the details and choice of decorations.

There are also quite a few tables with a lot of room for customers.

The staff were very friendly and helpful (they even gave us a free pizza when they messed up our original order)

The pizzas are hand-made there and then in a pizza-oven, to your specific tastes.

Their menu only has 10 choices but you can also add or take away ingredients.

I asked for a virgin pina colada, and it was delicious!

We also ordered a half-chicken half-cheese pizza, this is because I don’t eat chicken or meat, I recently became vegetarian.

The problem that we had was that the pizza was so oily and thin, that the bread became floppy. It was almost impossible to get the pizza into our mouths and all of the toppings fell off so we had to hand-pick them into our mouths. (But this didn’t take away from the fact it was a very tasty and delicious hand-made pizza)

I hope they find a way to improve / fix this issue in the future as it is still a fairly-new place but I also know some people prefer their pizza to be that way which is fine too!

Other than that the pizza tastes great, the atmosphere and location were lovely, and the staff were very friendly.

I’d recommend this place and would definitely go back again, next time prepared for the floppy pizza…

Thanks for reading!

Best wishes ~ Becca x

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