Primark PS… Chocolate Range

Hi everyone!

I’m sure you’ve seen by now that Primark have released some new “chocolate” makeup in their PS… range, and they look a LOT like Too Faced’s products.

So today I’m going to talk about their items and decide wether their items really are as good as TooFaced or wether you should save your money…

Before I start I want to mention that there were other products too but I only bought the 3 that I felt were most different.

I struggled to find palettes on the shelves that weren’t smashed or covered in powder, so if these products look dirty, that’s why… I knew before even buying them that they wouldn’t be very strong and would easily break or crumble, so I had to take extra care when transporting them home (which no makeup should make you worry about if they’re made well…)

First off we have the Cheek Palette, this includes blushers, highlights and contour powders…. and yes, it does smell like chocolate…

I like the fact that the palettes are heart shaped as this makes them bigger and includes more product.

I don’t hate the shades, the highlight was quite nice and the blushes were pretty sheer, but I don’t think that I’ll be replacing my usual makeup products with them any time soon.

Next is the eyeshadow palette, this only has 3 shades and 2 of them are very similar to the cheek palette!

The 1 shiny shade was broken on pretty much all of the other palettes that I saw on the shelves. This was one of the few palettes that wasn’t broken and it was always the shiny one in each pack.

I think that this shade wasn’t made very well and even just by pushing on it lightly I felt as though it was crumble under my finger, although I do like the shade itself and feel that it would be a lot better had it been made stronger..

Finally, we have the Chocolate lip kit.

There were actually 2 different shade choices but I chose this as I felt that it’s a colour I’m more likely to wear.

The packaging looks extremely similar to a Too Faced melted chocolate lipstick, although Too Faced don’t have the decorative drips, here I actually have one to compare!

I’m not actually a fan of Too Faced’s melted products (except for the melted mattes) due to the fuzzy applicators, but the Primark version also has the same applicator style.

It came out very watery and I feel as though it would make my lips look tacky and sloppy, but I did like the lip liner pencil which is something that doesn’t come with Too Faced lip products.

Overall I felt that this range wasn’t put together very well and was highly inspired by Too Faced.

It seems rushed as though they were trying to compete as soon as possible, even though the Too Faced Chocolate range hasn’t been so popular recently..

I wouldn’t buy these products again but that’s because I’m happy with the products that I already have.

For someone that doesn’t use high-end or expensive makeup and prefers to buy from Primark or other high street brands I think that these would be great as they are good makeup in their own right (other than being easily damaged), I’m just not sure that they’re very good “dupes”…

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you guys next time!

Best wishes ~ Becca x

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