Pink Clay Body Scrub

Hi everyone, today I’m trying out the Rose Pink Clay body scrub by Shimmer and Shine.

This was a birthday gift to me from my friend Alice.

The packaging is super cute and holographic, I’m surprised that I hadn’t heard of this brand before!

It’s made with pink clay and coconut oil (two of my favourite skincare things)…

I was surprised that the consistency was like a sugar scrub, I expected more of a clay mask-style.

I scrubbed the product into my skin in circular motions around the dry-skin areas then rinsed it out.

After removing the dead skin my body smelled amazing and my skin felt softer than ever.

If I could rate my skin softness before using the product out of 10, it’d be a 5. But after using the scrub I’d now say that it’s an 8!

I’m not entirely sure where you can get this product from, but if you can find it I’d definitely recommend giving it a try!

Best wishes ~ Becca x

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