3INA Eyeliner Collection

Hi everyone,

Today I’m testing out my gifts from 3INA, including 5 of their new eyeliners as well as their waterproof mascara!

Firstly, we have the Matte Pen eyeliner.

I tried this out on my eye, and it worked really well! I love the thin-ness of the pen nib. It makes a really nice wing and is easy to use.

They also sent a 3INA guitar pick, with a guide showing how to use this to create a perfect wing! (which I’ve never considered before!)

I also switched the 2 in 1 pen eyeliner which has a flat round side or a thin line edge depending on which angle you tilt the pen.

This one actually bled a little bit into my skin so I don’t feel that this is as good as the previous matte pen.

Next we have the Glossy Eye pencil. I felt that the nib / end of the pencil was quite small, but it made a nice line and would be great to use on my bottom water line.

The Dot pen eyeliner has a circle / dot on the nib, making it easier to create dotted designs when creating fun looks. It can also be used like a regular eyeliner pen however it wouldn’t make a good pointed wing.

Finally, we have the Glitter eye pencil. I didn’t find that this was glittery at all, but it makes a good generic pencil.

As for the mascara, I felt that this did not make much difference to my lashes, and it didn’t compare to my regular mascaras either. This wasn’t really for me., but if you prefer a short bristled wand then this could work for you!

Thank You for reading! I hope you’ll consider 3INA when deciding on your new eyeliner.

Best wishes ~ Becca x

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