DIY Button Art

Hi everyone,

If you haven’t already noticed, I’ve been kind of obsessed with DIY recently. I can’t stop making my own little decorations, and I love sharing my ideas with you all!

Today I’m showing you how I made my Button Art tree painting…

First off I got an old photo in a frame that I no longer wanted, and removed the art to keep the frame and the glass.

I also bought some white cardboard which my stepdad helped me cut down to the right size of the frame.

I bought a water colour paint pen in brown and a straw too.

As well as a heck load of buttons.

Once I knew that I wanted to create a tree, I used the water colour pen to draw the tree trunk, and used the straw to blow the paint and created branches.

I then decided to play around with the buttons and get an idea of how I’d like them to be laid out.

Then used a hot glue gun to keep them in place along with some purples and pinks to create a blossom-tree style.

Once it was secured into the frame I hung the art above my bed, it really brings some colour to my bedroom and was so easy to create.

I recommend that you give this one a try yourselves and show me what you create!

Best wishes ~ Becca x

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