Pixi Book Of Beauty Bronzers

Hi everyone.

Today I’m talking about the Pixi Book Of Beauty Bronze Texture palette.

6 different bronzer shades in 1 cutely packaged box, which opens like a book, with different amounts of shimmer in each pan.

The darker shade has the most shimmer and the lighter shades have less.

The texture is really cushiony and it applies very nicely, there’s a lot of payoff and colour just from a small amount which is great.

It also wiped off my arm with only 1 swipe which is great as it saves money and time.

I bought this from Tkmaxx with the intention of getting into bronzing as I’ve never used a bronzer before, but unfortunately with my skin tone and I don’t think that I’ll ever really take an interest in it, every shade was too dark for me, so I’ll be selling this palette on Depop for £12, the RRP is £24. You can find me on the Depop app at @beccabutcherx.

Thanks for reading and see you guys next time,

Best wishes ~ Becca x

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