DIY Flower Wall

Hi everyone,

Today I’m showing you all how I made my DIY mini fake flower wall.

I first had to buy a green flower wall base. This is plastic and covered in spikes to keep the flowers on.

I also bought some pink foam roses with long wire stems to wrap around the mesh. They came as a bunch so I had to separate and unwrap each one individually.

Next came some white flowers, but these had tubes under the heads so that they could slide onto the spikes easily.

Thirdly was the pink flowers. These also had tubes to attach to the “wall” and helped to bring colour other than just white.

Again, to bring more colour to the wall, I added darker pink / brown miniature flowers with long wire stems to help fill in any small gaps where green might show through at the end. I also had to unwrap these from bunches.

Next was a bunch of white foam roses, similar to the first pinks.

And finally I used some white silk roses to fill in the last spaces so that there was no green showing.

I’ll use this flower wall as a backdrop or flat lay piece to bring colour and interesting backgrounds to my photos.

This took weeks to make as I kept underestimating just how many flowers I would need but I’m really happy with the result.

I hope this inspires you to build your own. All parts were bought online from EBay!

Have fun making things!

Best wishes ~ Becca x

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