Teeth Whitening with Blanx

Hi everyone,

(Or all 3 of you that actually read my blog posts)..

Today I’m showing you my teeth whitening journey.

I saw an advert for Blanx tooth whitening and decided to buy some from Boots. The pack includes toothpaste and a LED mouth piece.

You use the toothpaste as normal and then smear the toothpaste onto the mouth guard and turn on the light. It usually turns itself off after 10 minuets as a signal to wash out your mouth.

They are supposed to be 4 shades whiter within 2 weeks, so that’s exactly how long I used the products for.

I didn’t have the whitest teeth to start with but they also weren’t terribly stained either. But after 2 weeks I did notice a difference (although not a big one). So here’s my teeth from 2 weeks ago up to now.

What do you guys think? I’ll probably continue to use the product but to say there’s 4 shades difference in only 2 weeks is a bit of a stretch to me. But I guess my teeth aren’t the best example as they’ve never been too discoloured, just never perfectly straight.

Let me know if you can see a difference or any other products that you recommend!

Best wishes ~ Becca x

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