Visiting Caffe Massarella

Hi everyone,

Today I was invited to eat at Caffe Massarella in Meadowhall Sheffield to review their food.

I brought Jess along as my plus one to help get a second opinion and to order / try more items.

When we arrived the staff were extremely friendly (as they usually are when I visit) and we ordered Berry and Peppermint iced teas to start with.

These were really refreshing and made with real lose tea leaves then poured from a teapot.

We also ordered Garlic Ciabatta as a starter due to Jess loving garlic bread. She felt that compared to other garlic breads that she has tried this didn’t live up to her expectations, however I felt that the bread was great quality, the garlic flavour wasn’t too overpowering and the balsamic dip added a lot of interesting flavours too. So obviously your opinion on this will differ depending on your preferred tastes.

I was very happily surprised to see the big range of Vegetarian, Vegan and Gluten Free options on the menu, as this is something you don’t always see from such restaurants.

For mains I ordered the Gnocchi Del Nonno Carmine. This is made with purple potato gnocchi and also pancetta (although you can ask for it to be made Vegetarian), Parmesan and creamed leeks.

This is something that’s very different to anything that I have tried before. I’ve definitely never seen purple potatoes or Gnocchi so I didn’t know what to expect when I first tasted them.

I really enjoyed the texture and the flavours, it was very interesting and there was just the right amount of leeks. I did actually leave some on my plate at the end but that was due to the portion size being so large (which is really great for the cost! – £9.95)

Jess ordered the bruschetta of the day which included pancetta and fries. This was a light meal which she really enjoyed. I also tasted her meal and agree that it was very tasty, I could even eat it again just thinking about it now!..

After dinner we were invited to see which desserts were available. These included cheese cakes, mousse and other Italian desserts. I chose the large Cannoli (they also sell smaller ones for takeaways) and Jess ordered a nutty cheesecake.

These were packed with flavour and the cream cheese is probably the best I have tasted in a long time.

I really enjoyed my time at Caffe Massarella and I’m so grateful to have been invited to have a free meal.

I’ll definitely be back again and I encourage everyone to try their closest locations!

Thanks for reading,

Best wishes ~ Becca x

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