Unicorn Cosmetics Lipgloss

Hi everyone,

Unicorn Cosmetics recently gifted me a LOAD of their products including brushes, lashes and glosses (I’m so grateful and shocked at how generous they were!) so today I’m going to show you their unicorn lipglosses.

They sell 4 different colours but I currently have 2 which sell for £13.99 each, and I’m obsessed with the bottle shapes!

The quality is amazing, they aren’t sticky at all and the brushes are very long and well made. Plus, they don’t have any smells or overwhelming sickly scents which is great as most glosses these days rely so heavily on the taste / smell rather than if the item works…

The pink-horned gloss is actually a white holographic colour. This would work really well on top of any lipstick shade as it wouldn’t change the colour, only make it shinier.

But the green-horned lipgloss does have some colour to it. It’s more of a purply-greeny-blue colour which isn’t really my style on its own, however on top of a dark lip I’m sure this would look incredible!

I really do recommend these glosses and that you check out Unicorn Cosmetics for some cute and fun products!

Thank You for reading and have a great week!

Best wishes ~ Becca x

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