The Shake Lab

Hi everyone,

Today I’m writing a sponsored post for The Shake Lab, and I just want to mention that despite being paid for this, that does not in any way change my opinion on this brand. I genuinely do enjoy this brand and I can safely say that it is my favourite milkshake place.

My local stall is Meadowhall – Sheffield so I popped over there to try out their shakes and desserts, I bought the white Kinder Bueno with a Lucky Charms waffle stick… (and they were incredible!!!!)

The Shake Lab was launched in 2015 by Richard and Dawn O’Sullivan from TD4 Brands as they noticed an opening for made to order indulgent beverages in shopping centres.

All of the shakes are made with 100% natural ice cream and milk, unfortunately not yet any milk alternatives. They have a huge range of chocolates and sweets to choose from and you can even bring your own sweets if you have a specific flavour in mind! (Which I think is an amazing idea)…

They also have a wide range of waffle stix which are smothered in Nutella then covered in your favourite sweets.

They even have ice cream in waffle cones and tubs with chocolates and sweets on top.

You can find The Shake Lab in Manchester Trafford Centre, Sheffield Meadowhall, Nottingham Victoria Centre, London White City, Oxford Westagate and there is even one coming soon to the Birmingham Bullring.

Thank You for reading and I really do recommend that you check out your local Shake Lab, it’s my absolute favourite place for a milkshake and I’m not sure how I coped this whole time before they came along, it’s amazing to be able to grab a shake to-go and they taste like heaven!

Thank You to The Shake Lab for sponsoring this post.

Best wishes ~ Becca x

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