Diego Dalla Palma Lipsticks

Hi everyone,

I was recently gifted some lipsticks by Diego Dalla Palma, I’d never actually heard of them before so didn’t know what to expect.

I was sent 3 of their lipsticks, and I was really pleasantly surprised!

The texture and formula is great, it’s really soft (just how I like my lipsticks) and the colours are vibrant!

I wasn’t quite sure the the bullet in the bright pink lipstick was put in a different way to the others and I don’t think I’ll be using that colour any time soon but it’s still a good quality lipstick.

These sell on their website for €24.50 / £21.49, and they have a wide range of lip products, some as low as €20.90 / £18.33.

I really like the darker shade as well as the nude, but I feel like they’re very similar to the shades that I already own, so I might save these for a rainy day or until I’ve finished my other lipsticks.

Thank You so much to the PR company that deal with Diego Dalla Palma for sending me these gifts, and thank you to everyone who reads my blogs!

Best wishes ~ Becca x

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