Pixi Beauty – It’s Judy Time Eyeshadow Palette

Hi everyone,

Today I’m writing about the Pixi – It’s Judy Time eyeshadow palette.

I bought this in my local TKMaxx store and it’s the first ever Pixi product that I’ve owned or tried!

The packaging is really simple and cute with a distinctive green colour which makes the colours stand out.

The texture of the shiny shades felt very soft and cushioned, which I love! But the mattes felt rough and hard to apply, even with my finger. I felt that they didn’t give as much pay-off as the shiny shades (and yes I know mattes are supposed to be matte, but I’ve had other matte shades that are better.

However, it only took one wipe of a makeup removal sheet to remove the entirety of the swatches on my arm. Some people may think that this means that the product isn’t going to stay well on their face, but I’m personally glad that it removes so well as that saves time and money. I also really like the creative and different shadow names.

The colours are very similar to other shades that I already own, so I’ve decided to e-sell this palette on Depop, just as I don’t want it to go to waste or be laying around, and I’m sure that someone else may love this more than I can.

The RRP is £28 but I’ll be selling it for £17 due to it being used and not in the original bo. You can follow me on Depop at @beccabutcherx!

I hope to try more Pixi beauty products in the future until I find one that I love!

Thanks for reading and see you guys next time!

Best wishes ~ Becca x

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