Visiting Tapas Revolution

Hi everyone,

Today I’m writing about Tapas Revolution in Meadowhall – Sheffield. All of the food was gifted to me for free in exchange for this review, but that will not change my honest opinion about the restaurant.

Tapas Revolution have a choice of set meals or you can choose the separate dishes (which me and Brad chose to do)..

I ordered Croquetas De Jamon, (ham and cheese croquettes), these were my favourite things on the menu, they taste amazing and I always recommend them to people.

Brad ordered Albondigas En Salsa (meatballs) which he says were some of the best meatballs he’s had.

Next I ordered Arroz Negro (black rice with squid and prawns) which is full of flavour but can leave your mouth and clothes black with ink.

Brad also ordered Pimientos De Padron (fried green peppers), he really enjoyed them too.

Finally, I ordered the Tortilla De Patatas (spanish omelette), which was great but I couldn’t finish it due to the slice being so big!

And Brad ordered the Patatas Bravas (roast potatoes in sauce) which I also tried and loved!

We both ordered a glass of their handmade lemonade which was sweet but tangy, the best handmade lemonade I’ve had.

They had a big choice of Sangrias but obviously I can’t drink due to allergies and Brad was driving home so he also couldn’t have any but they did look super tasty!

For dessert I ordered Pastel De Chocolate Y Turron (brownie), unfortunately I didn’t really like the nougat cream on top, but I did like that the brownie included hazelnuts.

Brad ordered the Torrija (brioche) which he really enjoyed.

Overall we had a really great evening and the staff were extremely helpful and kind. I’ll be taking a visit back there again soon and I really do recommend that you take a trip to Tapas Revolution whenever you get the chance!

Thanks again to Tapas Revolution for covering the cost of our meal.

Best wishes ~ Becca x

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