Benefit Fake Tan

Hi everyone,

Today I’m going to show you the Hoola Zero Tan Lines fake tan by Benefit.

I just want to mention before I get started that I have used fake tan maybe 3 times in my life and each time I hated it. I just don’t like fake tan on myself personally but if other people do then that’s great. Everyone is allowed an opinion.

I’ve had this bottle for about a year or so now and I’ve tried to use it in the past and always had problems with it, so for some reason I thought that maybe I’ll have gotten better at using fake tan now that a few months have passed since my last attempt. (How I was wrong…)

The bottle has the applicator sponge in the lid, so you have to take it apart to start the process.

Here are my legs before I got started.

I applied a dollop of the gel to the sponge and began rubbing it in circular motions (as directed by the bottle)..

Here’s the difference in colour of my natural leg compared to the tan.

Once I’d finished rubbing it in all over my leg, I went back to check the front of my leg, to find that the tan (which was originally blended fine) had not stuck to my leg and had decided to clump in areas, leaving gross streaks.

I went in with the sponge again to try and rub it out but it just kept happening, as if the mixture wouldn’t stick to my skin, it left white areas despite me going over it multiple times. It was just thick and gloopy and seemed to just roll around my leg without blending at all.

I resorted to using my hand which didn’t seem to change anything at all. The gloop collected together under my knee and just wouldn’t settle, it looked a state.. The photos here don’t even show the half of how bad it looked in person.

It wasn’t natural-looking at all and I’m pretty sure that people would have stopped and stared at me because of how terrible it looked.

I just thought “get this stuff off me…. zero tan lines my arse..”

I’m not sure if the mixture in my bottle was wrong or if fake tan just doesn’t react well to the skin on the front of my leg (it stayed fine on my thighs), but I had to wash it off.

I think that in the future I’ll possibly try again using a mitt, and if that doesn’t work then a spray tan if necessary, but until then I’ll stay my pale self..

If this product works for you then that’s great, I commend you, you must have some kind of magical tan powers.

For me it just wasn’t going to work and that’s okay..

Thanks for reading, see you guys next time and please leave your self-tan ideas or suggestions in the comments.

Best wishes ~ Becca x

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