Romwe And Shein Haul

Hi everyone,

Today I’m going to show you my Romwe and Shein haul.

You can watch my Romwe Vs Shein video here –

I’ve never bought from either website before so I decided to pick a few items and see just how good / bad they are!

Before I start, I want to mention that my friend Jess also bought from Romwe for the video, and in her Romwe haul, there was a Shein item in it! Meaning Romwe also sell Shein clothes..

Firstly, I bought this green and yellow striped shirt. I’ve seen it on social media’s for years, it’s very popular and you might have even seen it yourself.

The front is very low, but luckily it has a popper/button to keep the neck line higher. The material is quite papery and rough, meaning it’s good for the summer as it isn’t too thick. I really like this top and will be wearing it regularly!

Next we have this red scalloped crop top from Shein.

I love the scalloped design and the fact that it’s high neck. Again, this will be great for summer as it’s very cool and not warm or fluffy.

Another crop top that I bought is this blue and white striped shirt.

I wasn’t aware that this was actually a wrap around shirt which ties at the back, but I love that it has this feature.

I think it’s super cute!

Another scalloped top is this cream shirt but this one is from Romwe. The material is very thin and the scalloping at the bottom isn’t as great as the scalloping on the Shein top.

The material feels very cheap and not very soft, but it would be great for warm summer days and won’t make me sweat.

The only playsuit that I bought is this one from Romwe.

Again this ties at the back which is very cute and I love the design, but the material is very thin and even shows my pants through it! (It’s also quite short)

Finally, we have this dark blue dress. Again you’ve probably seen this before as it’s quite popular. The flower details aren’t too bad but the shape of the dress is pretty shapeless. In the photos it seemed more ribbed rather than flimsy.

I gave this to my sister as it looked better on her than on me.

That’s everything that I bought, be sure to watch my video to see which items were a win and which were a total fail!

Best wishes ~ Becca x

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