Costa Coffee Barnsley – New Design

Hi everyone,

Today I’m going to give you guys an insight into the new Costa Coffee cafe in Barnsley – South Yorkshire.

A few Costa locations around England (8 so far) have been named as “flagship stores” and given the opportunity to trial new equipment, layouts and menu options.

These include fresh sandwiches made daily, sausage rolls and other food items that weren’t previously available.

There is also a new uniform for the staff to wear which I personally much prefer to the old polo shirts.

There are currently only 2 flagship stores in the North of England – Barnsley and Leeds. Luckily my local Costa coffee shop is the Barnsley store and I was invited to trial their new store and help the staff prepare for opening day (Friday 13th April 2018).

The space has been utilised to have enough room for people to move and feel comfortable, whereas before there wasn’t much space for the large amount of customers that visit daily.

There are also nicer decorations too that are more minimal to their previous canvases. They have chosen to go with a lighter theme to create a brighter atmosphere.

Plus, the counter and food displays are laid out to be nicer and easily accessible, while before you would have to reach over people to get to a fridge area in the corner.

Myself and a few other lovely people were given free drinks and food of our choice. So I chose a Pineapple and Coconut Fruit Cooler, a Cheesecake slice and Tomato soup. (All of which I thoroughly enjoyed and would expect from a high-end cafe!)

Overall I’m very happy that my local Costa Coffee Shop has been given this opportunity. The staff are always extremely friendly and it’s nice to see something from my local town be thought of as a flagship store. The new layout is terrific and I highly recommend taking a trip to try it out for yourself!

Thank you to everyone for reading and to Costa Barnsley for my invitation!

Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @beccabutcherx for future updates on things in and around South Yorkshire and Barnsley!

Best wishes ~ Becca x

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