Lush Easter Range

Hi everyone!

Over Easter I received a PR package from LUSH, one of my all time favourite companies!

They sent me a box of their new Easter range which I’m super excited to show to you guys…

Check out my Unboxing video here –

The Carrot Soap smells like lemon (maybe it’s just me) and is the size of my hand, meaning you get a lot of soap for your money and it will last for a long time! This costs £5.95..

Which Came First is a giant bath bomb egg, and if you smash it open you’ll find a baby chick bath bomb inside! This smells like sherbet and costs £6.95

Here Comes The Sun smells just like jelly. It is a shower cream bar in the shape of a bottle, you just wet the bar and your hands then lather up with the bubbles! It costs £9.75..

One of my favourites that Lush brings back each year is A Bunch Of Carrots. These smell like flowers and have little bits inside, you run them under the tap or swish them around in the bath to create bubbles, for £6.50!

Another returning favourite is the Golden Egg! This smells like a sweet lollipop and fills the bath with glitter, they also had to send this in a bag to be sure not to get glitter everywhere! It’s more of a bath melt than a bath bomb as it slowly melts rather than fizzes. It costs £4.95..

Finally, the last product is the Cream Egg Bubbleroon which is available in different designs. To me this smells like mint, and it is named after a macaroon due to it having two sides and some “cream” in the middle. This costs £3.75.

That’s everything, I’m unbelievably grateful to have had this opportunity and hopefully I can work with Lush again some time in the future!

Best wishes ~ Becca x

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