Visiting Favela

Hi everyone,

Today I’m reviewing Favela, a Brazilian restaurant that has recently opened up in my local town.

I had never been before so wasn’t sure what to expect, so I took a spontaneous trip with Jess to see what they had to offer!

From the outside it looked like an open space with a bar and sofas, but once inside we realised that it was actually a restaurant with plenty of tables.

The idea is that the waiters bring food out to the table (usually different types of meat on sticks), then they cut the meat for you and place it onto your plate. Then they leave and come back with another type of meat. (Obviously you can say no if you don’t want the meat)…

There’s also a buffet with rice, potatoes, salads and other Brazilian foods.

A thing that I love, is the disk idea. It’s red on one side and green on the other, this indicates to the waiters wether you want to be approached or not.

Obviously I can’t drink alcohol so I went for a mocktail, but they didn’t have much choice, and both really just tasted like fruit juice with pretty straws…

I tried the steak and it was delicious, it wasn’t over cooked and was super soft but I’m not usually a big meat eater so I don’t think I’ll be back any time soon (but their garlic bread is the best I’ve ever had). I’m also not a big fan of Spanish, Brazilian or Mexican food so that’s another reason I wouldn’t come back.

BUT if you enjoy those types of foods then you’ll love this place because it’s cooked perfectly and their meat selection is huge.

There isn’t a big dessert choice so I decided to try the Brazilian desert Pudim. It’s like a caramel flan and is super soft, I really enjoyed this. I’d probably go back JUST for this!

Jess had a brownie which she also loved.

Overall it’s a nice place and very different to the other restaurants in my town, the food styles just aren’t for me. But I do recommend it to those who love this type of food!

Thanks for reading and be sure to visit your local Favela if this looks like something you’d enjoy!

Best wishes ~ Becca x

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