Too Faced Peach Perfect Foundation

Hi everyone!

Today I’m discussing the Peach Perfect foundation by Too Faced, this was gifted to me by their PR agency.

The packaging is really cute (you know I love pink) and I have the colour Snow.

It claims to be Oil Free and to last for 14 hours…

I was surprised by the dispenser as I expected to squeeze the product into my hand, not to pump it. But this is great as it reduces the amount that goes to waste and prevents me from using too much product.

It’s very runny and silky rather than cakey or thick and smells very strongly of peaches, although I prefer my foundations to not smell at all as to not overpower my perfumes.

It blends very well and has great coverage for the small amount that I used (but I’m not sure if the colour is right for me)

Overall, it isn’t something that makes me think “wow” or that stands out to me compared to the foundation that I usually use. I think that I will still stick to my usual foundation but keep this one as a backup if I ever need it.

Please remember that makeup works differently for everyone, so if this is your favourite foundation and it works for you that’s great!

Thank You so much for reading and see you guys next time!

Best wishes ~ Becca xx

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