Evoluderm PR Package

Hi everyone,

A French company called Evoluderm very kindly gifted me some of their products to show to you all!

They sell their products in TkMaxx and the labels are in French (obviously) so I really just had to try the products and then find out what they’re made to do, I also spent a lot of time on google translate…

At first I wasn’t sure wether to accept as I had never heard of this brand but as they were so polite and mentioned in their email that there was no obligation for me to review them, I decided to give them a chance. It was nice to know that they were willing to gift me something without expecting me to write a fake nice review!

I’m going to start by talking about their hair care cream. This is made with Shea butter and argan oil, plus it smells AMAZING!

You apply this to dry / frizzy hair to fill it with moisture and strength, as well as to calm down frizz or fly-away strands of hair.

This made my hair extremely soft and manageable within seconds, I didn’t even need to use any heat or styling products!

Next is the purifying shampoo, this is for oily hair (which I just admit, mine is!) and since using this product I’ve found that it works really well at keeping oil and grease at bay!

I’ve been able to go longer days without my hair becoming greasy and I think that this is the miracle shampoo that I’ve been looking for! I’ll definitely be buying more from Tkmaxx!

Thirdly is the body scrub, this smells so nice and includes small seeds to exfoliate and remove dead skin! I love body scrubs, especially when they don’t include micro beads!

Next we have the shower cream! I kind of struggled to pump the product out using the applicator so I had remove the lid and swipe the product onto myself.

It’s so thick and creamy and smells so nice without being too overwhelming or intense! (This is my mum’s favourite product)

There must be different ways to make bath and shower products over in France because I’m yet to find something this great here in England..

I also have the hydrating almond oil. You massage this into your skin to prepare and nourish the outer layer and to give yourself a natural-looking glow!

I’m not a big oil user myself but this is nice to have anyway just incase I start to use them more this year…

And finally, we have the toning lotion to prepare your skin before you apply your makeup and to ensure that your skin is 100% clear and fresh. This is meant to be specifically helpful for oily skin!

Overall I’m very happy with these products but I do very much prefer the bath products to the skincare products.

Thank you so much to Evoluderm for these gifts and thanks to everyone for reading this post!

Best wishes ~ Becca x

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