Crazy Allergy Rash Advice

Hi everyone,

Today’s blog post is actually to ask advice from you guys and to give you some advice too!

If you read my blogs or watch my YouTube videos you know that I talk about health quite a lot since I think that it’s an important topic to discuss. It lets others know that it’s okay not to be okay and everyone gets health issues sometimes. And hopefully people find it educational!

Anyway, last month I had this crazy rash / raised lumps that just came all over me one day while I was out at a friend’s house, I was recovering from a cold/flu at the time but it looked like an allergic reaction / nettle sting and itched like an insect bite.

It lasted a few days and I saw a chemist within the first hour who told me to go to hospital but also told me that they would probably only want to see me if the rash was still there, and as it came and went every 6 hours or so (even at night to he point where it woke me up), I had to wait for it to return again before I went to A&E. By the time I’d been seen at the hospital (an hour or more later) it had gone down, so I showed the doctor my photos and they didn’t get me any answers.

Obviously it was a while ago now but I can’t really get it out of my mind since when my dad has allergic reactions his neck swells so that he can’t breathe. He’s even died and had to be brought back to life in hospital due to an allergic reaction.

I’ve always had to be careful about what I eat near my dad so I’ve always been aware and on-edge when it comes to allergies, so this really caught me off guard.

I’ve tried to put it to the back of my mind but there’s always that nagging doubt that it could come back and be worse. I did go to A&E at the hospital but they didn’t offer much help other than to take anti-allergy tablets. They also mentioned that there is no way of knowing what caused it.

It has now been gone for a few weeks but every so often I get an itch and a small lump that resembles the rash and I think it might come back.

I’d love to know what you guys think this could be based on the photographs, have you ever had something like this?

If you ever do get something that looks similar to this, I’d recommend taking Antihistamines / Allergy Tablets to prevent any other symptoms, using Calamine Lotion to soothe the itching and to see a doctor or hospital worker ASAP!

Obviously you can’t diagnose yourself online and neither can I but I’d love to hear your suggestions anyway! Here’s what it looked like…

First day –

Second day –

Third day –

Hopefully someone can give me some kind of answer to put my mind at ease because I currently have no ideas!

I also hope you found a few suggestions as to how to help if you ever get anything like this in the future!

Best wishes ~ Becca x

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