Tokyo Treat March Box

Hi everyone!

Today I’m going to show you guys the March Tokyo Box.

This is a subscription service which sends Japanese treats to your door every month with a new theme.

I bought this box myself and got the premium version, this isn’t an ad or a promotional post, I just really wanted to try this out and tell you guys about it!

This box is the March box, which has a Sakura theme.

I also filmed a video of my first time trying each item with my boyfriend Brad which you can watch here –

It includes a booklet with a menu of what you will find in the box. This is really helpful to me as I wouldn’t know what I was eating otherwise since it’s all in Japanese.

The first item (and only drink item) is a peach CocaCola!

It just tastes like Cola, but peach flavoured… obviously… But it isn’t too strong in flavour and the peach isn’t overpowering at all, PLUS the bottle is super cute!

The second item is Sake Kitkats. I wasn’t aware that Sake was alcoholic (I know… I probably should have!) So when I bit into the kitkat bar and tasted the alcohol, I was surprised.

It tastes just like a beer in KitKat form (which is weird).

The third items are Sakura Shrimp Potato Rings.

Here in England we have a crisp snack called Hulahoops, and these Potato Ring snacks are basically miniature versions of them in a shrimp flavour.

The next product is Rice Puffs. Again, in England we have snacks called Rainbow Drops which are puffed rice, and these are just larger versions of those.

The 5th item is a Melon Bread Cookie!

I’ve never even heard of Melon Bread before, but it tastes just like melon… obviously… This might be the weirdest item that I’ve tried from the box!

Next are the Sakura Marshmallows.

They taste just like regular marshmallows but are in the shape of flowers. They’d be super cute floating on top of a hot chocolate!

Then we have the Shimi Choco Corn in the flavour Milky Red Bean.

These tasted very similar to large Lucky Charm cereals. I’ve never tasted Red Bean flavoured foods before so this was another weird one!

The eighth item is a DIY Mochi kit.

You add water to the small Mochi disks and wait for them to absorb and expand. They also come with chocolate sauce and Kinako, as well as having an explaination page in the booklet to help you create them perfectly.

The next product is the worst one that I tried… it’s Ginger Tea hard candy!

It tasted really bad and was exactly what it says it is, a boiled sweet that tastes like ginger tea.

It’s my least favourite product in the box, even Brad couldn’t swallow it.

The tenth item is Puccho Gummy’s in a Cherry flavour.

These are like the English sweet Wine Gums but smaller, very chewy and slightly sour.

Number eleven is Salty Split Pea Sticks, they look just like pea pods and taste like them too, but are a salty, crispy snack!

The next item is a four-pack of Sweet Soy Sauce Crackers!

These taste very strongly of Soy Sauce and are super crunchy.

The second to last product is a Veggie Salad Umaibo.

This is very similar to what we have in England called Dairylea Dunkers, which come with tubes that can be dipped into melted cheese.

This item didn’t come with cheese but tastes just like the sticks!

And finally, the last item is Squid Jerky!

This is just like beef jerky, but squid.

It’s hard to chew and tastes like squid… obviously… I didn’t hate it but I didn’t exactly enjoy it either.

That’s everything!

I hope that you found this helpful and that it encourages you to try out their boxes!

Thanks for reading and be sure to check out my video!

See you guys next time!

Best wishes ~ Becca x

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