ScrapBook Ideas!

Hi everyone!

Recently Ive seen a lot of Bullet Journal suggestions, and I’m not really a journal kind of girl.

As you probably know by now, I love DIY and creating my own things, and I don’t want to forget anything ever, so I started making my own scrapbook. This way I can keep it on a bookshelf and look through it whenever I want to in the next few years!

I thought that I’d share with you guys, some ideas or ways you could use your own scrapbook, so if you want some inspiration, keep reading!

I bought an empty scrapbook from HobbyCraft.

Prom was something I want to remember forever, so I dedicated a little page to it. You could use other big events or invites that you want to remember!

You could also dedicate a page to a specific person. This one is all about the cards and letters my boyfriend has given to me over the years.

If you’ve ever met a celeb and gotten their autograph, why not add that in too??

Or shows / cinema tickets of movies that you’ve seen and wouldn’t want to forget the dates of.

I added a little make-shift pocket out of cardboard and taped it in, that way I can store all of my postcards and letters from my pen pals around the world. I tend to keep them in their envelopes and place the envelopes into the pocket, that way I can take the envelopes out and read them.

If you’d rather have your postcards or anything sent to you by a pen pal on display, you can always just stick them down instead of putting them into a pocket.

This page is all about events or days out with my bestfriend Jess. I love taking photos in photo booths, and the train tickets help me to remember the dates.

I don’t know about you, but I love pretty clothing labels. I don’t know why, I’m a bit of a hoarder… Labels and perfume samples… I usually just stick a load in to remember all of the types of clothes Ive had over the years.

If you have an anniversary or any other occasion which included ribbons and paper, stick them in too!

I like to remember when I’ve worked with a brand, especially if they’ve sent me a Thank-You letter.

Or if you prefer to just take photos and stick them in, then why not?

If I go to a PR event I love to keep the little freebies and samples!

You can even just stick in your favourite mottos or quotes.

To get photos for my scrapbook I usually use my Polaroid or my HP sprocket. The sprocket is useful as the photos come out as stickers so can easily be stuck in!

I hope you found my ideas helpful and this inspired you to make your own scrapbook!

What would you have done differently? I’d love to know!

Best wishes ~ Becca x

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