Too Faced PR Package – White Peach, Diamond Highlighter and More!

Hi everyone!

Last week I received a PR package from one of my all time favourite brands Too Faced!

I couldn’t believe it at first and I’m super excited to use these products!

I received the White Peach palette which is filled with gorgeous shades and smells just like peach!

I especially love the shiny & pink shades…

Next was the Natural Eyes Palette!

This has won awards in the past for being so good, and I’m going to be 100% honest, it’s not really my kinda thing as the shades are pretty neutral and similar to other cheaper shadows that I own…

But if you’re into more of a brown / natural eyeshadow look then I’m sure you’ll love this!

I also received the diamond highlighter which is a box inside a box!

When I visited their Carnaby Street store last month I was actually eyeing this up and considered buying it, so I’m super happy to have been gifted this item!

It’s said to be infused with real crushed diamond pieces and pearls and costs £28!

It’s super shiny and pigmented, and I can’t wait to use this on my face!

Finally, we have the Glitter Pop peel off eyeliner. This is in the shade Yes Way Rosé and is a beautiful pink colour.

The brush is very thin, but my issue with this item is that it takes a few layers to be thick enough to work. It may be difficult to reapply it in the exact perfect way again and again, but even the box says that it can take 2-3 coats.

After 5 minuets it’s completely dry, and once you’ve done with the product it easily peels off as it’s made to!

Overall, I’m super happy with this package and I’m so so grateful to have been given this opportunity!

Hopefully I can work with them again in the future as they have the loveliest PR team and are super fun to collaborate with!

Best wishes ~ Becca x

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