Primark PS… Nudes Range

Hi everyone!

Today I’m talking about the new Primark PS… Nudes range..

A lot of people have said that these are similar to the KKW range, however I’ve never actually tried anything from KKW so can’t really compare.

But I’m going to show you guys these items anyway!

There were a lot more to choose from but I chose the 3 that I felt were less similar to the other products so that I could try a good range of items.

First of all I’ll start with the Highlight and Contour Kit.

This includes a double-ended highlight stick, a double-ended contour stick, a brow highlight and a miniature sponge brush.

The mini brush is just a smaller version of their regular sponge brush which I was going to buy before I saw this set.

I actually think I’ll use this as I’m always on the look out for new sponge brushes… I don’t really like to hold a beauty blender / sponge and prefer them to be on a holder / stick.

The highlight stick I didn’t like… I felt that the texture of the product was very chalky and I know that it’s supposed to be a “cream” but I’m more of a powder kind of girl.

The contour stick had the opposite problem, it was too hard and didn’t blend very well, and again I much prefer powders to creams or sticks.

The one product that I did like was the brow highlighter, this is due to it’s precision and how easy it was to use even though it didn’t blend amazingly well..

Next is the contour palette. These were powders so I preferred them a lot more than the contour cream kit.

The shade “pure” was a very nice highlighter and would also make a nice eyeshadow too, but other than that they still don’t live up to my current contour kit by Charlotte Tilbury.

Finally we have the highlighter stick. This is super chubby and shiny and I really liked the shade, but again I’m not a cream person. And although it was easy to use, it became very flaky and cakey rather than smooth.

Overall I didn’t really like this range, luckily I didn’t spend much money on it but if you like cheaper cream contours then this might be for you!

Thanks for reading and see you guys next time!

Best wishes ~ Becca x

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