Visiting Peggy Porschens

Hi everyone!

Peggy Porchens… I’m sure you’ve heard of it!

If not, I’m here to explain!

Peggy’s is a very popular cafe in London’s Belgravia. It’s bright pink and changes the flower display outside it’s doors regularly.

Everything that it sells is made to look beautiful and photo-worthy.

It’s most famous for its cakes, and I decided to meet up with a few of my blogger friends while on my trip to London.

Their instagrams are @mariajblogs and @whattkdidnow!

I was queuing for around half an hour but that’s only because I arrived earlier than Katie and Maria as I caught a Taxi to the location rather than the underground train.

I was offered a seat almost as soon as I arrived but had to decline because there wasn’t room for my friends, but I was happy to wait because I had the opportunity to take some photos!

When everyone arrived we sat at a table outside which also provided us with warm blankets.

I ordered the Babychinno (a small hot chocolate) for £1.50 and the others ordered tea.

I also ordered a limited edition valentines cupcake which was around £8, but their regular cakes usually go for around £5…

It’s definitely a lovely place to meet friends and to take cute photos but I don’t think I would go again any time soon. Maybe later in the year I’ll return, but it won’t be a regular thing just because it’s very expensive and very busy, as well as being very cold to sit outside during bad weather.

If you haven’t been yet you should definitely visit at least once to see for yourself how cute it is! The surrounding area is also beautiful with some gorgeous shops and florists!

I had a wonderful time meeting both Katie and Maria and hopefully we can do it again some time!

See you all in my next blog,

Best wishes ~ Becca x

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