3INA Lipsticks Review

Hi everyone,

Today I’m talking about 3INA, a new makeup brand that you may or may not have heard about yet.

They kindly gifted me 4 of their products, 2 matte lipsticks and 2 chubby lip sticks.

I’m going to be honest before we get into this, I don’t think they’re the most amazing lipsticks I’ve had..

They aren’t terrible but I’m not a fan of the fact they’re so hard and take a few applications rather than being soft and creamy. But I know that some people may prefer that which is totally fine, they aren’t bad products they just aren’t what I’d usually go for.

I felt that the texture and payoff wasn’t amazing, the colour didn’t really catch my eye and kind of reminded me of something you would buy from Claire’s as a child rather than a lipstick you’d buy in a drugstore.

However, a positive thing about these lipsticks is that because of them being hard, they keep their shape and last a long time. They also don’t wipe off easily so are likely to stay on your lips all day.

I much preferred the lipsticks to the chubby sticks but don’t think they’ll be my go-to lipsticks anytime soon.

Hopefully the brand can grow and improve their formula over time and create more great products in the future!

Let me know what you guys think of if you’ve ever tried 3INA!

Best wishes ~ Becca x

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