Meadowhall Galentines Blogger Event

Hi everyone!

Last week I was invited to attend the Meadowhall Galentines Bloggers event, I’m a regular visitor at Meadowhall and always enjoy being there so it was really great to have this opportunity!

Everything was paid for by Meadowhall which is incredibly kind of them as they always hold fun and memorable events!

We started off in Giraffe, tasting their cocktails and mocktails! (Which were delicious by the way!)

After Giraffe we made our way to Wagamamas for a late dinner. I ordered the shirodashi ramen as well as duck with pancakes! (My favourite dishes which I always order whenever I visit!)

Both myself and my +1 Katie ordered their blended smoothies, mine was fruit and hers was tropical.

During the time we were eating it was nice to get to know the other bloggers more, everyone was so lovely and they took some great photos!

You can find their instagrams here –







Due to unforeseen circumstances and a time mix-up our next stop at Urban Decay had to be brought forward. I offered to take the place of the makeup model who had to leave and had a wonderful time with the makeup artist.

The UD makeup artist used the Naked2 eyeshadow palette (which was also included in our goodie-bags) to show us what we can do with the colours.

I loved the finished look and feel like I definitely learnt some new skills when it comes to my makeup routine.

Overall I had a really wonderful time, and Katie enjoyed it as it’s her first Blogger event too! Everyone loved their goodie bags and I’m extremely thankful for the gifts that I received!

I did film a lot of the event and intended on creating a youtube video, however I’ve been having issues with my camera and a lot of the files were unusable or corrupted… But keep an eye on my YouTube page just incase I manage to put a little something together in the future! –

Thank You so much to Meadowhall, Giraffe, Wagamamas and Urban Decay for a wonderful evening and I can’t wait to hopefully do it again some time in the future!

Best wishes ~ Becca x

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