Too Faced Chocolate Gold Palette & Sweet Peach Lipgloss Review

Hi everyone,

Today I’m reviewing the Too Faced Chocolate Gold eyeshadow palette, but first, the Sweet Peach lipgloss…

It comes in a really simple but cute box and is obviously a peachy colour.

This one is the shade Papa Don’t peach.

It also has a cute little 3D peach sticker on the end of the lid, but it kind of feels like it isn’t meant to be there and could just fall off.

It applies really easily and smells amazing.

It isn’t sticky at all and lasts for a long time!

Now, the palette..

The palette itself is really pretty, it also comes in a cute box..

The shades are very bright and colourful colours, most are shiny and made with real gold.

I swatched the first section and loved the pigmentation! The greens and copper colours are gorgeous and unlike any shades I’ve seen yet!

The second section as a little more disappointing. I had to swatch the hot pink a few times for it to show up, and the purple doesn’t look at purple as I’d hoped, more brown.

The final section was pretty boring as it’s mostly shades that we all have anyway but the pigmentation is very nice in them all. (However the white colour doesn’t even show up on my skin tone)

And finally the Gold… it’s very Gold….

That’s really everything I can say about this palette, I like it a lot and definitely will be using it often!

Thanks for reading and I hope this encourages you to go out and try this for yourself!

Best wishes ~ Becca x

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