Zoella Advent Calendar Shambles!

Hi everyone,

Today’s blog is going to be a weird one…

I bought Zoella’s advent calendar from Boots’ 70% off sale, since there was no way I’d be paying the full £50 for it.

The sale shelves in Boots were empty and had been raided for all the deals, all that was left were the Zoella calendars…

Luckily my sister likes Zoella, I don’t dislike Zoella and she seems like a really nice person but her merch isn’t really for me, so I planned on reviewing the advent calendar (even though we’re already in February) and hopefully being able to say “I’m happily surprised” but obviously that wasn’t going to happen…

To start, I struggled to open the plastic covering. It was taped down at each side and I kept pulling at it but couldn’t pull it off, so I had to cut it with scissors.

When I finally got in and looked closely at the doors, I noticed that most weren’t fully sealed.

I opened the first 4 doors but as I was going along I realised that something wasn’t quite right. None of the products lined up with the doors and they wouldn’t even be able to be removed through the doors at the angles they were in.

I got to door 5 and found 3 items behind it?

Some items took 2 doors to open to even see the whole product!

Then behind door 12…… nothing…

So far it wasn’t going well. I realised that the packaging must have been put on upside down!

Obviously I’d struggled to get into it with the tape they’d used, but that means that it hadn’t been opened or tampered with so I was so confused as to how this could happen?

I took off all of the cardboard and flipped it the right away around and here’s what we had…

A pen and tiny pencil case that probably won’t fit many items in it.

An orange candle that smells like toilet cleaner, and a gingerbread candle that smells like cinnamon which makes my tongue swell up..

Stickers to put on presents that you’d be giving away to people, so you don’t even get to keep this item for yourself.. (I also want to add that by the time I’d opened that door I would’ve given all my presents to people already, maybe I’m just early and quick at getting my presents wrapped and delivered?)

We got a bauble, which is actually quite nice…

A spray that also smells like toilet cleaner, because 1 item smelling of this isn’t enough…

A tiny notebook that probably won’t keep many notes in it.

Some cookie cutters that are also quite nice but can also be bought online from charity websites for a lot cheaper.

A pompom which is also okay…

And finally, some confetti. (Which I actually will use for my Instagram and blog pics as a prop)

Overall I’m disappointed but not surprised. Obviously we’ve all seen the videos and reviews about this item, so I knew what I was getting but I don’t think that even my sister can use these.

I don’t dislike Zoella, and I don’t think she personally packed each advent calendar to make them upside down, and I know she’s apologised already for her calendars but I don’t know how a child would feel about this. Luckily I’m old enough to be understanding and say “oh well” but I can definitely understand the outrage and backlash that these received too.

Maybe if it was cheaper or had better items it wouldn’t have been so bad but I can’t help but feel a bit ripped off even though I only paid £15 in the sale, I can’t imagine how those who paid £50 must’ve felt!

Anyway, see you guys next time!

Best wishes ~ Becca x

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