Don’t Feel Bad For Doing The Right Thing!

Hi everyone,

We’ve all been there.

Stuck in a bad situation and wanting to do what’s best and what’s morally right, but too afraid to upset someone in the process.

Well I want to just say that if you’re going to do something for the right reasons, don’t feel bad about it, no matter what others say.

When I was in school I knew a girl with very bad learning difficulties, she could barely even speak properly and ended up transferring to a school for people with learning issues after this incident I’m about to explain.

At the end of school one day, I witnessed her being attacked, kicked, punched and beaten by a bully. The whole school cheered and laughed and I was helpless to do anything about it.

A teacher came around the corner and everyone scattered. She left her school bag with all of her items laid out on the floor and ran to the library. I picked up her things and took them to her then ran to grab a teacher as her face was bleeding badly.

I told the teacher everything I saw, and for the next few weeks most people ignored me and called me a snitch or threatened to do the same to me.

The same bully ended up putting snow down my tights but luckily I wasn’t beaten like my friend.

Nobody else stood up for her or even checked to see if she was okay, yet I was made to feel bad for caring about her.

Another instance was when I saw some older boys in the school corridor kick a hedgehog to death. They laughed at me as I cried and begged them to stop. A teacher came to help and took the hedgehog away with me but unfortunately it passed away.

I was made to feel like a baby and was called a “pussy” for crying over a small animal.

Also, I had a friend who was suicidal. I offered to call an ambulance during one of their breakdowns and they got extremely mad at me for it. But I’d much rather have them be mad at me, than not have them in my life at all!

I’ve had a friend who I’d been close with for years, but one day she was awfully rude to my boyfriend Brad and his friend at the time. She was mad at them, and they were mad at her. But I gave them both equal time to explain to me what had happened, and she decided to spread rumours about me because I dared to give the guys a chance to tell their side of the story without just blindly judging them and trusting her.

Obviously this made me realise she wasn’t as good a friend as I thought, since friends wouldn’t do that to eachother.

A final example is when I was bullied in maths class. A group of friends on my table took my pencil case and decided to break everything inside it.

They broke my rulers, pens, calculators. Then they drew rude photos and told me that it was me. And finally, the male of the group pinned me to the table by my back, and exposed my arm, where he wrote the word “fuck” really deep into my skin.

I went to the bathroom to cry and wash it off, then told one of the teachers. That group of friends bullied me even more after that, saying I was overreacting and that they were just playing a game and I wasn’t a good sport etc.

But do I regret any of my decisions? No.

I did feel guilty about a lot of those things, but I never made any of those people do those things. I just did what was right afterwards.

Who cares if someone calls you a snitch or a pussy or makes you feel bad for standing up for yourself? Who cares if you lose friends by standing up against them or wanting what’s best for them?

You should always do the right thing no matter what the situation, I’m sure you’d want someone to do the same for you!

Anyway, that’s just something that’s been on my mind for a while, I wanted to just write it out and let people know. Just incase anyone else ever feels guilty for helping someone or doing what they felt was the right thing.

See you guys next time for a more up-beat blog post!

Best wishes ~ Becca x

6 thoughts on “Don’t Feel Bad For Doing The Right Thing!”

  1. Those are some great things you did, Becca, and I applaud you for them ❤ ❤ It's not easy to do the right thing but it's definitely right to do the right thing! Standing up for others as well as for yourself should be a must and not something only a few can do. I definitely agree that most of the times, people (who we think would understand) don't understand even when we're trying to help them out but of course, that shouldn't stop one from being a good person and standing up 🙂 Great post!

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