Sephora Haul

Hi everyone,

My cousin recently flew out to America to visit her husband, and while she was over there she popped into a Sephora store to buy me some makeup!

At first we had a bit of a struggle, as I transferred her my money into her bank account, but due to the country-difference it took a while for it to go through. The plan was that she would order it online to be delivered to her husband’s house, but the Sephora website wouldn’t work for her, then her card was declined and finally it became too late to order it as the shipping time wouldn’t make it before she left to fly back to England.

Luckily she had the chance to pop into the store and I’m really grateful that she went out of her way for me!

She picked up for me the Too Faced chocolate gold palette at $49 and a Too Faced Sweet Peach lipgloss for $19.

A stila liquid eyeshadow for $24.

The Fenty Bomb Baby mini lip and face set for $23 and a fenty lipstick for $18.

A Huda Beauty Lip Strobe for $18.

And finally a Tarte wide awake eye set for $12.

After paying the tax, it all came to around $200…

Obviously I’ve never had anything from Sephora before as it’s an American company and as far as I know, they don’t deliver to the uk.

I’ll have separate review blog posts coming soon so be sure to follow me to keep up to date!

Check out my YouTube video about my haul here –

See you guys soon!

Best wishes ~ Becca x

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