Missguided Casino Queen Review

Hi everyone,

While Boots Uk had a 70% off sale, I picked up this Missguided Casino Queen set (since this was pretty much all that was left and the shelves were empty thanks to everyone else raiding the stores!)

I bought this for £12 when it was originally £40, and it includes a body buff, mermaid lotion, face mask, bronzer, body mist, 2 liquid lipsticks, a highlighter and an eyeshadow palette.

Obviously when you think of missguided you think of clothes, not makeup or skincare. Because of this I didn’t have very high expectations as to the quality and thought it all looked a bit cheap.

But I was pleasantly surprised!

Once you open the box you see all of the items.

I swatched the highlighter and was really happy with the pigmentation! It reminded me of my Makeup Revolution powder highlighters and felt very cushioned.

I also swatched the eyeshadow palette which had 2 shiny shadows and 2 mattes, (the lighter shade was very similar to the highlighter)…

Looking at the lipsticks, I assumed that they were actually lip glosses, however they dried matte!

I applied both colours to one half of my lips but they probably need a few more applications to look darker. (I was rushing to apply them, so I know they don’t look great but they were quite good, I probably will use these in the future and would’ve bought them on their own!)

The bronzer was a little bit too dark for my skin.

And the face mask was like clay (which I love!)

The Body Buff and Body Lotions smell amazing!

And finally, the body spritz smells so fruity and reminds me of summer!

Overall I really like this set and probably would’ve been extremely happy if I had got this as a Christmas gift!

Did you manage to get one while they were available in Boots?

Let me know in the comments!

See you guys next time,

Best wishes ~ Becca x

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