Visiting Godiva’s Chocolate Restaurant.

Hi everyone,

Today I’m talking about my first time at Godiva.

Godiva is a chocolate restaurant where most of the food is made of chocolate, and it all looks like beautiful art.

A few weeks ago I went to their Meadowhall branch for the first time with my mum and here’s how it went…

I ordered a milk chocolate “Iced Chocolate”, this is described as a “blended cold drink made with Godiva chocolate”. I asked a waitress who told me that it was basically just a milkshake, but when it came it tasted just like a blended cold chocolate bar.

It was too much chocolate for me (and I love chocolate!) and didn’t taste like a milkshake at all. You’d have to be a huge fan of rich dark chocolate to enjoy this I think.

My mum ordered a Mocha, and as you can see by the drinks menu, the drinks aren’t cheap.

But I loved the fact they had salted chocolate dispensers on the tables, and that their decor, tables and napkins were good quality!

We also ordered a milk chocolate croissant to share, and I have to admit this was the nicest croissant I’d ever had! We ate it pretty fast…

Finally, we ordered a Sesame Umami which is said to contain Sesame Oil and Soy Sauce…

Me and my mum are always open to trying weird foods, but this was not a good one.

We both had the smallest amount but couldn’t eat anymore! It was just too strong flavoured and had a very specific taste.

Even my mum’s Mocha was just too much.

I was looking forward to it but Godiva just isn’t my type of thing. I’d definitely give it another chance in the future but I wouldn’t order what I ordered last time.

If you’re a big fan of chocolate then you’ll probably love this place, but I’ll give it some time before I return.

Thanks for reading!

Best wishes ~ Becca x

2 thoughts on “Visiting Godiva’s Chocolate Restaurant.”

  1. By the post title I was excited to see how amazing this place looked, but I can imagine the drinks and food were far too rich and sickly! The aesthetic is amazing though and I love your photos.

    Nat x –

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