True Touch Pet Brush Glove Review

Hi everyone,

Welcome back to my blog!

Today I’m discussing the True Touch glove. I bought this product myself and I am not being paid to discuss this, I just thought that it may be helpful for my fellow pet-owners out there!

You’ve probably seen the True Touch on the TV adverts, so will already know where to pick one up as well as the price range.

This is a product that’s made for removing pet fur like a brush, but it is worn on your hand like a glove.

This way your animals can stay calm and relaxed and feel as though they’re being petted rather than groomed.

It should also be easy to remove the hair after use!

It can be used on all kinds of animals, and luckily I have both a cat with short hair and one with long hair.

Libby, who has short hair, malts quite often. After stroking her with just your hand you’re likely to find fur everywhere, so I found this product extremely useful at picking up her fur.

She also loves being stroked and petted so this was a great way to keep her calm while also getting a job done.

Milo has longer fur so has to be brushed very often with a long-bristled brush.

This product got really deep into his fur and pulled out the knots, even in his tail!

He loved the feeling of being stroked with the glove, and I’d definitely use it again on him!

Overall I think that this is a great invention and I’m surprised that nobody had made this idea sooner!

My cats love it and it was easy to remove the fur afterwards too!

I hope you found this review helpful and that you’ll consider buying this if you have a pet!

See you guys next time,

Best wishes ~ Becca x

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