Makeup Brush Cleaners – Are They Worth It?

Hi everyone!

Welcome to 2018!

Today I’m going to test and review makeup brush cleaners. None of the items were sent to me and I’m not being paid to say this, these are my honest opinions as I bought everything myself.
Obviously it’s important to clean your brushes to stop bacteria but I have to admit Im pretty bad at cleaning them and most of the time it’s too much time and effort to clean every brush.
So I bought a StylPro by Tom Pellerau (£29.99 in Argos and boots), some brush cleaning wipes by Ecotools (£3.99 in Tkmaxx) and a Cleansing Palette by Real Techniques (£12.99 in Boots).

The StylPro comes with a brush-spinner, a cleaning jar, a set of brush holders and cleaning liquid. You put a brush in the brush holder, attach that to the removable end of the spinner, and press the button to turn it on.

To make it a fair test I used 3 dirty brushes for each product…

Here are the results from the StylPro!

The only issues I had with this was that the brush holders weren’t the right size for all of my brushes (some were too big and some were too small) and the removable end would get stuck to the brush holders when I’d try to remove them…

Next are the wipes!

The wipes are pretty much self-explanatory, you wipe away the makeup using your hands. I tend to lay the wipe on a flat surface and rub the brush on top, then afterwards use my hands to wipe the brush to get all the tough bits.

They were really easy to use and a great idea, plus one wipe goes quite a long way! The only issue I had with them is that it takes quite a while and is difficult to get into the deep areas of the bristles.

Finally, the cleaning palette…

This comes like a small bowl with a hand socket to hold it with. I filled the dish with cleaning liquid and scrubbed my brushes along the rubber bristles.

The issue I had with this product is that because of the material, it is very flimsy and flexible. This means that the liquid inside could easily spill over the edges.

Overall I’d say that all of the products work pretty well, none removed 100% of the makeup but maybe if I’d spent more time then they could’ve.

Obviously the wipes are cheaper but the StylPro definitely works faster and makes the job more enjoyable, while the cleansing palette is faster and easier to use!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and remember to keep your brushes clean!

Best wishes ~ Becca

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