Makeup Revolution Life On The Dance Floor VIP Eyeshadow Palette Review

Hi everyone,

This year my best friend Jess bought me the Life on the dance floor VIP eyeshadow palette by Makeup Revolution for Christmas, so I decided that now would be a great chance to review it!

There are 24 shades, mostly pinks, golds and browns. (All the colours I didn’t previously own!)

I went down each row, from top to bottom – left to right and swatched each colour on my wrist.

Here are the colours Champagne, Dollar, Renown and Security. Because of my skin being so pale, they haven’t shown up very well. But they’ll be great to use when I want a more natural/subtle look!

Superstar, Backstage, Perfection and High Class are all so pretty and festive! They’ll definitely be used for the new year!

Worthy, Notable, Rank and On The Rocks are all Mattes. I can see myself using these for a smokey-eye look.

Celebrity, Paparazzi, Fame and Cocktail are super shiny! These shades match all of my pink outfits and are my favourite colours!

Tycoon, Reputation, On Tab and Influence are quite strong, bold colours. I’ll be using these when I want my eyes to stand out!

Big Shot, Prestige, Prominence and LBD are all quite dark, so again they’ll be used for smokey-eye looks.

Overall I love this palette! There is a great selection of sparkles and mattes, and although I probably won’t use every single colour (..does anyone?) It will definitely be my new go-to palette!

I hope that you guys have an amazing new year, and that you all got everything you wanted for Christmas!

See you guys in 2018!

Best wishes ~ Becca x

2 thoughts on “Makeup Revolution Life On The Dance Floor VIP Eyeshadow Palette Review”

  1. I also got this palette and I love it as well!
    I mainly got mine because I was upset because the rosegold one wasn’t instock when I ordered but I don’t regret getting it 😊
    Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

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