Blogmas Day 24 – My Life In Pictures

Hi everyone,

Today I’m taking a look back over some of my old photos to see how much I’ve changed and try to remember some memories…

Luckily, when I was growing up my dad had a camera and a video recorder so I have so many memories caught on tape!

Obviously we’ll start at the beginning. I was born June 1st 1997.

I was pretty much grumpy, confused or shocked most of the time…

Eventually I became a fashionista and looked fabulous. I knew my aesthetic was going to be pink and white forever.

I took a trip to wales with my cousins, aunt and uncle.

Here’s my cousin trying to bury me in sand and drown me in the sea…And here’s my cousin eating a cookie better than me.

Over time I learnt how to smile..

But then I forgot again….

I moved from Watford to Barnsley and started primary school here. Everyone else had already started and made friends so I was the new kid.

I went shopping with friends for my 11th birthday and even went to Bulgaria.

Obviously I loved life…

In high school I basically just embarrassed myself…

Then me and my best friend at the time became super cool for like 5 minuets during a photoshoot.

Then came prom..

Once I started college I had my hair cut shorter and had a full-fringe.

I got into a relationship with Brad in 2014,

Then started to grow my fringe out.

I also started to promote small clothing brands.

Took too many selfies…

Eventually my mum got married so I was a bridesmaid..

Earlier this year I cut my hair shorter again to get rid of some terrible red home hair dye that was supposed to be non-permanent, but ended up lasting for almost a year and was barely visible.

And I started to attend blogger events as well as do more promotional photo shoots for bigger brands.

Then I grew my hair longer again and dyed it blonde on the ends..

And now I’m here!

Well that was embarrassing and I’m glad to get it out of the way so we can never look at those photos again….

See you guys tomorrow!

Best wishes ~ Becca x

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