Blogmas Day 23 – Lip Mask

Hi everyone!

Welcome back to Blogmas!

Today I’m talking about the Pucker Up lip mask which was £2 in Tkmaxx.

Tony Moly also have one of these in their range which I’ve also tried. I didn’t notice any difference after using it though, so I hoped that this new one would be better!

It’s supposed to repair and revitalise dry lips and nourish, moisturise, smooth and hydrate.

My lips are always dry, so I had high hopes for this. But really, it was £2 so I got what I paid for I guess…

It says that it should stay on for 15-20 minutes, but after only 10 minutes, it became dry and fell off!

I tried to put it back on but it ripped into two….

My lips feel just as dry, I can even pick the loose skin off and now I have a gross taste in my mouth.

I’m not sure if I just got a faulty product or if my lips weren’t dry enough for it to be a fair test, but the item wasn’t great.

Sorry this blog post is so short, I was hoping that there would be more to talk about for this item but there really isn’t!

See you guys tomorrow for a more interesting Blogmas post!

Best wishes ~ Becca x

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