Blogmas Day 22 – My Perfume Reviews – Are Expensive Designer Perfumes Worth It?

Hi everyone!
Welcome back to my blog!

Today I’m going to be reviewing my higher-end perfume collection.

Some are more affordable than others and each are by different brands.

I’m very driven and influenced by smell, as some smells make me feel certain ways or help boost my emotions. Because of this I usually wear different smells for different occasions and tend to connect a memorable situation to each perfume.

The first perfume I’m going to talk about is my Daisy Marc Jacobs perfume. This was a birthday gift from my Boyfriend earlier this year.

The packaging is beautiful and amazing quality. The smell is definitely one of my favourites, and one that I would wear to fancy parties as it reminds me of a mature and sensible smell.

I’m aware that there are other versions of this perfume available, however I haven’t tried them personally so I don’t really know wether they’re better or worse than the original.

The next perfume I’m going to review is Missguided Babe Power which was a gift from my Stepdad.

The design of the bottle is definitely something that’s very different to anything I’ve seen before. The rose gold can makes it look like an energy drink!

(Fun fact: my mum thought it said Baby Powder and tried to open the can but pushed the spray button on the top and accidentally sprayed it into her mouth)

It’s definitely a more of a fun smell that I would wear when I go shopping with friends or plan on doing anything fun.

My Third perfume is the Chanel Mademoiselle Hair Mist, bought for me by my mum from Gibraltar. The packaging is pretty minimal and sleek which isn’t always a bad thing. This isn’t technically a perfume but it is a scented spray for your hair. (Basically a hair perfume)

Its a very soft smell but I can definitely tell the difference when I’m not wearing it. It isn’t like a hairspray or shampoo smell, and I’d probably wear this for when I’m going to be in close proximity to other people, just incase they do get close enough to my hair to smell it.

It reminds me of my nanan as she would always wear Chanel. My grandad would always buy her and my mum a bottle whenever he travelled.

4th is Moschino Fresh in pink. It’s also available in the original colour, blue. Despite being a huge Moschino fan, I was slightly disappointed in this scent.

It’s still a nice wearable scent but it reminds me of the kind of perfumes you would get back in school every birthday or Christmas. I think that it’s because it’s a Eau Du Toilette rather than a Eau Du Parfumerie. As it’s such an expensive brand I thought that it would smell expensive (whatever “expensive” smells like) but it smells very similar to some smaller perfumes I own.

The botttle is very creative and interesting. You’d assume that it is sprayed from the head of the bottle but that is actually just for decorational purposes. You remove the lid / head that looks like a spray bottle, and have a smaller, normal perfume spray nozzle underneath.

Next is Ari by Ariana Grande which was a gift from my Boyfriend’s Dad 3 Christmases ago. (WARNING: This perfume bottle broke pretty much straight away. The white fluffy ball completely came off as if seems to be kept on by glue. However it was easily repaired and only had to be re-stuck on)

The bottle is really big so easy to hold in my hand, and it has a very geometric design. The smell is very relaxed, it isn’t too in your face or too fancy, so I would wear this perfume when I’m going to hang out at a friend’s house or have a couple of people over at mine.

6th is my DKNY perfume which was given to me many years ago as a Christmas gift by my aunt. I still haven’t used the perfume much as there’s plenty left, however that isn’t because I dislike the smell. It is because I own so many other perfumes and switch them around so often that I just never get around to wearing this one. It has a very strong smell which I would wear for going out to do something active or sweaty, e.g. Sports, and probably not for a meal as it’s very overpowering. The packaging is very small and round, and it reminds me of an apple (which I think was kind of the point?)

I hope that this helped you find some new perfumes that you may want to buy for the new year…

If you have anything else you want me to talk about then please comment below!

Best wishes ~ Becca x

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