Blogmas Day 20 – Korean Beauty Products

Hi everyone,

I was rummaging through my messy makeup drawers and found a load of old Korean beauty items that I have!

They’ve been laying around at the bottom of my drawers under a load of other makeup, so they aren’t particularly clean, but I thought I’d show you my collection!

I’ll start with the Tony Moly So Cool eye cooling stick.

It’s essentially a hard-cold balm that helps to reduce eye swelling or redness. If you tend to get puffy or inflamed around your eyes, this helps to soothe them.

This Gudetama sheetmask is by Holika Holika. I’m a big fan of sheetmasks and have used this product before in the past, with great results!

Next is this CC cream cushion from The Face Shop. They come in different shades with different characters and colour packages. Korea loves things to be compact, efficient and portable, so they’ve made this compact CC cream with everything you’d need inside!

Next is a hand cream. This looks VERY similar to Tony Moly’s panda hand cream, however this one is NOT by Tony Moly!

I’m not sure which brand it is by but it’s just a simple hand cream in a cute packaging.

Tony Moly also made this Cat’s Wink compressed powder. It’s a light colour and comes with an application cushion. This is great for when you want to mattify your face.

It’s Skin made these adorable mini highlight puffs. They’re compacted into small pots with a puff cushion to apply the highlight powder. However this powder is way too dark for my skin tone…

Tony Moly again! I know… this lip balm looks like a nipple… I promise you that it is a peach and smells amazing!

This Rilakkuma lipstick I picked up in China Town in London. Is by Apieu and I’m going to be honest, it’s not amazing… It melted and made a mess all over the packaging, and is a weird orangey-red colour…

The Tony Moly pocket bunny face mist is one of my favourites. It’s basically a face spray to keep your face looking healthy and hydrated, and it smells beautiful!

The Gudetama Lazy and Easy smooth egg skin peeling gel. This is in the shape of an egg with the character Gudetama’s face on it. You squeeze the sides to squirt the gel into your hands and then rub it all over your hands or face. It helps to remove dirt and dead skin the more you rub it!

This Pickachu sheet Mask is by Tony Moly too, and was part of their limited edition Pokemon range. I also picked this up in China Town and haven’t used it just yet, but I use Tony Moly’s other masks regularly and love them all!

Finally, the Its Skin B.B. cream. It’s essentially just B.B. cream in cute packaging, but in my opinion, it’s not very good quality. It left my face feeling cakey and too thick.

I tend to use more well-known UK/USA based brands now, like Too Faced and Urban Decay, etc.

I haven’t used Korean makeup for quite a while, and will probably throw these items away to clear some space for new items but thought that I’d explain them all to you before they’re gone.

Have you ever tried Korean beauty products?

Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading!

Best wishes ~ Becca x

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