Blogmas Day 16 – Celebrity Encounters!

Hi everyone!

I recently wrote a blog post about my time as an actress, and I mentioned a few of the celebrities that I’ve worked with.

Now I’m going to talk about my other celebrities experiences.

If you’ve seen my YouTube channel then you’ll probably know what I’m going to say as I have a video up about the exact same thing, but I know some of you prefer blog posts so I’m writing it up for you!

Henry Winkler – Henry played The Fonz in a tv show called Happy Days. He’s also in Click, Holes and Parks and Rec plus much more! He became pretty iconic for his signature “ayy” with his thumbs, slicked back hair and leather jacket. You may have seen other actors pay homage to this by recreating it in their shows or movies.

We met on the set of Hank Zipzer, a kids tv show based on Henry’s books about his time growing up dyslexic. On set most people were too awestruck to approach him, but I didn’t want him to feel excluded so I spoke to him.

Everyday we’d sit in the greenroom or stand in the corridors of the school-set and he’d ask me about myself, and he’d tell me about himself too. He mentioned his family, his friends, his school life, his previous jobs, he also said that he loved Yorkshire for its countryside. I told him about college and my friends and he told me that I was a very smart lovely girl.

He’d always smile and say good morning to everyone and was a really lovely guy to be around and I genuinely miss the conversations we had.

My mum also passed him in the car park after dropping me off and she nearly cried with excitement…

Guardians of the Galaxy – While I was in London with my family, we accidentally stumbled across the Guardians of The Galaxy red carpet premiere! Luckily we were there with plenty of time before it started. We waited for about 3 hours to secure a place close to the celebs and were surrounded by people who’d been waiting since the day before or had travelled all that way to see the celebs with banners and posters.

At first there were a few youtubers that walked up and down the carpet taking pics, like Alfie Deyes, Louise Pentland, Caspar Lee, Joe Sugg etc.

Eventually Chris Pratt and Anna Farris showed up, Zoe Saldana, Vin Diesel, James Gunn, Karen Gillan. A few others who weren’t in the movie also showed up, like Chris Hemsworth and Mark Hamill.

They drove down to the front of the carpet straight past us, then signed a few autographs and took a few photos with the fans closest to the stage.

I was there for hours as I’m such a huge marvel fan, I even cried a little bit… my sister and stepdad aren’t into marvel so they left but my mum stayed with me because she wanted to stare at Chris Hemsworth… I ended up with a really bad sun tan/burn…

Scouting for Girls – When Olly Murs was still on the Xfactor in 2009, me and my family went to watch the xfactor finalists live. Olly was there as well as others like Jake Quickenden, Joe Mceldry, Stacy Solomon etc.

We’d booked great tickets up in a stand so we could look over the concert and have seats. My uncle and cousin went to buy drinks and on their way back the security wouldn’t let them back into where we were sitting.

The security man ended up being really rude to my family and swore at and pushed my cousin who was very young at the time. My uncle complained and the security man was fired, plus we were offered free tickets to see Scouting for Girls.

At the time they were one of my favourite bands, and me and my cousins couldn’t keep in our excitement! We were screaming and shouting while sat in the same stand as before. The rest of my family were sat down around us so me and my cousin stood out like a sore thumb.

The singer of the band looked up at us and blew us a kiss, and I swear my cousin almost fainted. It was such an amazing experience!

The Script – I saw Olly Murs live again a few years after the Xfactor Concert, and also saw The Script live with my boyfriend Brad and cousin Emma a few years ago while they were my favourite band. Tinnie Tempah opened for them as Labrynth couldn’t make it. The script even actually followed me on Instagram and liked my photos, but when I deleted my old account and started again, they didn’t re-follow…

George Lamb – Larry Lamb is an English actor who was also on Im A Celebrity last year. His son George is also an English TV presenter, as well as hosting the Clothes Show Live a few times.

I was at the Clothes Show and was walking out of the crowds with my bestfriend at the time, Ellen. Everyone was moving too fast and I couldn’t see or turn so I just kept walking forwards. Suddenly a man behind me pushed me and I fell into someone in front. The man I fell into looked down and smiled as he knew it was an accident, and then he kept walking. Then all of a sudden a huge body guard pushed the man behind that had shoved me. I managed to escape the brawl and moved out of the way, just in time to hear everyone screaming “OMG GEORGE WE LOVE YOU!”. Then it hit me, I’d fallen into George Lamb!… awkward.

Phillip Schofield – I’m a huge fan of Phillip Schofield, an English tv presenter, I think he’s great! He always stands up to people live on TV and does what’s right!

Not too long ago I was scrolling on my Facebook and saw “You’ve been kidnapped. The characters from the last TV show you watched are trying to rescue you. Who is coming to save you?”. I posted it to twitter and tagged Phillip as I’d just finished watching This Morning on itv. I didn’t expect a response but Phillip tweeted me back saying “on our way!” And it really made my week.. I smile every time I remember.

Vicky Pattison – Another time that I was watching the TV show This Morning, Vicky Pattison was on. She had the cutest Christmas jumper I’d ever seen, so I tweeted asking where it was from. She replied, replied to my reply, then liked my photo of me wearing the jumper once I bought it!

Iain Lee – Twitter is a great thing! I’m A Celebrity had just ended, and I remember Iain mentioning having 3 drinks at once. I decided to do the same and posted it to twitter. Iain then retweeted it and it blew up with likes! (He’s also replied to my questions on his Livestreams in the past but I don’t have any screenshots of that)

I’ve also briefly had experiences with other celebs like Helen Skelton (met on the set of Countdown), Kayla La Grange (lived next door to my grandparents growing up), Odeya Rush (worked together on The Hunters Prayer film set) etc..

Have you ever had any celebrity experiences?? I’d love to know! Comment and tell me who, where and how!

Thanks for reading and see you guys next time,

Best wishes ~ Becca x

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